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Socialist Quotes

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My father was a socialist, so he would have thought that I shouldn't be a dame.

Tags: Father, Thought  ✍ Author: Zaha Hadid

My father was an ardent socialist for many years.

Tags: Ardent, Father  ✍ Author: Leon Askin

I was not raised a Zionist, but a socialist, as were most Jews before the Holocaust.

Tags: Holocaust, Jews  ✍ Author: Roseanne Barr

Ho joined the French socialist party, the first Vietnamese to be a member of a French political party.

Tags: Party, Political  ✍ Author: Wilfred Burchett

My dad thinks Obama is a socialist and all these extreme views.

Tags: Dad, Thinks  ✍ Author: Jonathan Krohn

I've always been a liberal and I've always had strong socialist leanings.

Tags: Liberal, Strong  ✍ Author: Cher Lloyd

Socialist democracy is not, a luxury and its need is not limited to the most advanced industrial countries.

Tags: Countries, Democracy  ✍ Author: Ernest Mandel

Every reasonable human being should be a moderate Socialist.

Tags: Human, Reasonable  ✍ Author: Thomas Mann

'Socialist' is the nastiest thing you can say about an American politician in some quarters.

Tags: American, Politician  ✍ Author: Jay McInerney

There's a socialist bias to the consensus of the literary world: a '30s mentality that says factory workers are more worthy of our attention.

Tags: Attention, Says  ✍ Author: Jay McInerney

I'm a very friendly socialist.

Tags: Friendly  ✍ Author: China Mieville

Above all, what socialist, without flushing with shame, maintains he is not a revolutionary? We say: none!.

Tags: Above, Shame  ✍ Author: Johann Most

Great Socialist statesmen aren't made, they're still-born.

Tags: Great, Statesmen  ✍ Author: Hector Hugh Munro

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist.

Tags: Socialists, Speak  ✍ Author: Martin Niemoller

Film then does not promote socialist revolution in any consistent way.

Tags: Film, Revolution  ✍ Author: Jon Postel

I've been called communist, socialist, anti-American.

Tags: Communist  ✍ Author: Eric Schlosser

Factories are the workplaces of our National Socialist racial comrades.

Tags: National, Racial  ✍ Author: Fritz Todt

In these highways our engineering will reflect the National Socialist movement.

Tags: Movement, National  ✍ Author: Fritz Todt