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Robert McFarlane's Quotes

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Born: 1937-07-12
Profession: Public Servant
Nation: American
Biography of Robert McFarlane

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President Reagan was concerned - deeply concerned, emotionally concerned - with the loss of life of any American, but especially with the lives of military soldiers, Marines, navy.

Tags: American, Life, Lives

In 1985, the Iranian sponsorship of terrorism was clear, solid evidence.

Tags: Clear, Evidence, Terrorism

Bear in mind North Korea has been the leading source, a leading source of nuclear technology and of missile delivery systems to some of the world's great rogues in Iran and Syria.

Tags: Great, Mind, Technology

The conclusion that many uniformed military came away from Vietnam with was that political interference, dominance of strategy and even tactics were a very bad way to conduct a war, and that indeed, if that was going to be our practice, that we shouldn't wage conflict again.

Tags: Bad, Political, War

There are different kinds of terrorist movements, and specifically you occasionally face a bully, a Qaddafi. But a bully is different from a zealot. A bully you can deal with, with force, and persuade that bully, through force alone, to stop what he was doing.

Tags: Alone, Face, Stop

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Robert McFarlane's quote #2
Robert McFarlane's quote #2
Robert McFarlane's quote #2
Robert McFarlane's quote #2
Robert McFarlane's quote #2