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Locally produced foods - defined as those harvested within a 100-mile radius of one's home - have a lesser impact on the environment because of the decreased need for transportation from source to consumer.

Tags: Home, Source, Within  ✍ Author: Tyler Florence

We're on the same radius from the Earth, and then we start to swing around to where we're ahead of them on the velocity vector, so we come in relative to the station from this forward velocity position and dock on to the forward end of the Lab.

Tags: End, Forward, Start  ✍ Author: Linda M. Godwin

Geological age plays the same part in our views of the duration of the universe as the Earth's orbital radius does in our views of the immensity of space.

Tags: Age, Earth, Universe  ✍ Author: John Joly

The radius vector describes equal areas in equal times.

Tags: Areas, Equal, Times  ✍ Author: Johannes Kepler

'Stand By Me' was really great for me and my buddies; we'd all watch that together because that was us - we were down in the creek and hanging out every day and going on little adventures. I had about sixteen friends who are all about the same age as me and lived in a three-block radius. We spent our entire childhood down in that creek.

Tags: Age, Great, Together  ✍ Author: Scoot McNairy

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