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Protestantism Quotes

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The chief contribution of Protestantism to human thought is its massive proof that God is a bore.

Tags: God, Human, Thought  ✍ Author: H. L. Mencken

The problem with liberal Protestantism in America is not that it has not been orthodox enough, but that it has lost a lot of religious substance.

Tags: America, Enough, Lost  ✍ Author: Peter L. Berger

When the problems in Northern Ireland started, it was not a question of Protestantism or Catholicism, because the Catholic church was the only church at that time-it was a nationalist conflict.

Tags: Problems, Question, Started  ✍ Author: Harri Holkeri

The spiritual ambiguity growing up made me really latch onto a faith - Protestantism - that was somewhat conventional. Everyone else was rebelling against traditions and institutions, whereas I was rebelling against the upheaval and uncertainty in my family.

Tags: Faith, Family, Spiritual  ✍ Author: Sufjan Stevens

Protestantism has actually put a man in the position of a country governed by secret police. The spy and eavesdropper, 'conscience,' watches over every motion of the mind, and all thought and action is for it a 'matter of conscience,' i.e. police business.

Tags: Business, Mind, Thought  ✍ Author: Max Stirner

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Protestantism quote #2
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