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Peter Munk's Quotes

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Born: 1927-11-08
Profession: Businessman
Nation: Hungarian
Biography of Peter Munk

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But you don't get into a business because of personal tastes.

Tags: Business, Personal, Tastes

For a Canadian, natural resources were a good fit.

Tags: Fit, Good, Natural

I'm not exactly an Einstein, so I compensate by being more focused.

Tags: Einstein, Exactly, Focused

Maybe I'm less sensitive to these issues because I see that what people need first is economic security, and only when they have that can they afford to focus on human rights.

Tags: Focus, Human, Less

To do so, we are creating a Fairness for Switzerland Committee that will not only disseminate some of the facts, but also protect a relationship that is important to all of us in North America.

Tags: America, Facts, Fairness

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Peter Munk's quote #2
Peter Munk's quote #2
Peter Munk's quote #2
Peter Munk's quote #2