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Nicos Anastasiades's Quotes

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Born: 1946-09-27
Profession: Politician
Nation: Cypriot
Biography of Nicos Anastasiades

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Cyprus was a breath away from economic collapse. It was a big battle in which we came out wounded, but upright and determined to make a fresh start.

Tags: Away, Battle, Big

I was obliged to take tough, painful and bold decisions to ensure a manageable tomorrow.

Tags: Decisions, Tomorrow, Tough

I would like to thank the Cypriot people for their maturity and collectedness shown in their interactions with the Cypriot Banks.

Tags: Banks, Maturity, Thank

It's a Cyprus of misery and soup kitchens and a state which cannot meet basic obligations. It can only cause me grief.

Tags: Cannot, Meet, State

My government, a government of national unity, will make all necessary structural reforms.

Tags: Government, National, Necessary

The people of Cyprus have sent a strong message... of stability, credibility and change.

Tags: Change, Message, Strong

The state of emergency and critical nature of the times do not allow me, as they do not allow anyone, to embark on a blame game.

Tags: Blame, Game, Nature

We have no intention of leaving the euro. In no way will we experiment with the future of our country.

Tags: Country, Future, Leaving

The attitude of the people proves that not only do we want to, but that we can succeed in pulling our country out of the difficult position it finds itself in. The banking system of our country will survive and grow.

Tags: Attitude, Country, Difficult

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Nicos Anastasiades's quote #4
Nicos Anastasiades's quote #4