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Mary Archer's Quotes

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Born: 1944-12-22
Profession: Scientist
Nation: British
Biography of Mary Archer

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It sounds extraordinary but it's a fact that balance sheets can make fascinating reading.

Tags: Balance, Fact, Reading

I do mind some of the intrusions on privacy.

Tags: Mind, Privacy

I hope to live long and be happy. But I'd like to be remembered as somebody who did good rather than mischief.

Tags: Good, Happy, Hope

I will say that the prison regime is rather a good one for a writer because you have plenty of time to write.

Tags: Good, Rather, Time

Marriage is... OK, it's rooted and grounded on love and attraction.

Tags: Attraction, Love, Marriage

I think one of the downsides of the sort of obsession with romantic love and personal fulfillment is that the plain fact of the matter is that those feelings don't last for ever and so they better be replaced and reinforced by things that do.

Tags: Feelings, Love, Romantic

Old women should not seek to be perfumed.

Tags: Old, Seek, Women

Let who will boast their courage in the field, I find but little safety from my shield, Nature's, not honour's law we must obey: This made me cast my useless shield away.

Tags: Courage, Law, Nature

And by a prudent flight and cunning save A life which valour could not, from the grave. A better buckler I can soon regain, But who can get another life again?

Tags: Again, Another, Life

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

Tags: Enough, Give, Wisdom

Eureka! - I have found it!

Tags: Eureka, Found

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