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John Keats's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Poet
Nation: English
Biography of John Keats

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Poetry should... should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance.

Tags: Almost, Poetry, Thoughts

Praise or blame has but a momentary effect on the man whose love of beauty in the abstract makes him a severe critic on his own works.

Tags: Beauty, Blame, Love

What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth.

Tags: Beauty, Seizes, Truth

There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify - so that among these human creatures there is continually some birth of new heroism. The pity is that we must wonder at it, as we should at finding a pearl in rubbish.

Tags: Fire, Human, Nature

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

Tags: Monastery, Monk

It appears to me that almost any man may like the spider spin from his own inwards his own airy citadel.

Tags: Almost, May, Spider

There is not a fiercer hell than the failure in a great object.

Tags: Failure, Great, Hell

There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music.

Tags: Music, Stable

With a great poet the sense of Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration.

Tags: Beauty, Great, Sense

Much have I traveled in the realms of gold, and many goodly states and kingdoms seen.

Tags: Gold, Seen, Traveled

Poetry should be great and unobtrusive, a thing which enters into one's soul, and does not startle it or amaze it with itself, but with its subject.

Tags: Great, Poetry, Soul

The Public - a thing I cannot help looking upon as an enemy, and which I cannot address without feelings of hostility.

Tags: Enemy, Feelings, Help

Though a quarrel in the streets is a thing to be hated, the energies displayed in it are fine; the commonest man shows a grace in his quarrel.

Tags: Grace, Quarrel, Though

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

Tags: Beauty, Forever, Joy

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

Tags: Beauty, Earth, Truth

You are always new, the last of your kisses was ever the sweetest.

Tags: Kisses, Last, Sweetest

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

Tags: Becomes, Experience, Real

I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else.

Tags: Else, Liked, Love

Love is my religion - I could die for it.

Tags: Die, Love, Religion

Now a soft kiss - Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.

Tags: Bliss, Kiss

Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?

Tags: Necessary, School, Soul

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections, and the truth of imagination.

Tags: Heart, Romantic, Truth

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.

Tags: Heard, Melodies, Sweet

I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for religion - I have shuddered at it. I shudder no more - I could be martyred for my religion - Love is my religion - I could die for that.

Tags: Love, Men, Religion

The only means of strengthening one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing, to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts.

Tags: Means, Mind, Thoughts

The poetry of the earth is never dead.

Tags: Dead, Nature, Poetry
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Land and sea, weakness and decline are great separators, but death is the great divorcer for ever.

Tags: Death, Great, Sea

I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest.

Tags: Among, Fail, Greatest

Scenery is fine - but human nature is finer.

Tags: Fine, Human, Nature

I will give you a definition of a proud man: he is a man who has neither vanity nor wisdom one filled with hatreds cannot be vain, neither can he be wise.

Tags: Give, Wisdom, Wise

Here lies one whose name was writ in water.

Tags: Here, Lies, Water

Philosophy will clip an angel's wings.

Tags: Angel, Philosophy, Wings

You speak of Lord Byron and me; there is this great difference between us. He describes what he sees I describe what I imagine. Mine is the hardest task.

Tags: Between, Great, Speak

I am in that temper that if I were under water I would scarcely kick to come to the top.

Tags: Temper, Top, Water

The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate.

Tags: Art, Capable, Making

I have two luxuries to brood over in my walks, your loveliness and the hour of my death. O that I could have possession of them both in the same minute.

Tags: Both, Death, Hour

Poetry should surprise by a fine excess and not by singularity, it should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance.

Tags: Almost, Poetry, Thoughts

He ne'er is crowned with immortality Who fears to follow where airy voices lead.

Tags: Fears, Follow, Lead