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Jerry Spinelli's Quotes

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Born: 1941-02-01
Profession: Author
Nation: American
Biography of Jerry Spinelli

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I became a children's author by accident.

Tags: Accident, Author, Children

I have a curious background for someone who turns out to be a writer.

Tags: Curious, Someone, Writer

In my mind, I'm writing for everybody.

Tags: Everybody, Mind, Writing

Peer pressure is just that: pressure.

Tags: Peer, Pressure

Usually it takes me about nine to 12 months to write a book.

Tags: Book, Takes, Write

Write what you care about. If you do that, you stand the best chance of doing your best writing.

Tags: Best, Care, Writing

I seem to have a natural tendency to want to share my own observations and feelings with other people, and writing seems to be the way I'm best equipped to do that.

Tags: Best, Feelings, Writing

I went to Gettysburg College, where the famous Civil War battle was fought. I majored in English. I would've liked to major in writing, but they didn't offer a major in that.

Tags: Famous, War, Writing

Kids still can be said to live in their own little world. Even if their parents are helicoptering around them, assigning play dates and so forth, I think they're still living in some sense of their own little perceptual worlds.

Tags: Living, Parents, Said

Nobody told me how hard it was going to be to get published. I wrote four novels that nobody wanted, sent them out all over, collected hundreds and hundreds of rejection slips.

Tags: Hard, Rejection, Wanted

Now I don't really write for adults or kids - I don't write for kids, I write about them. I think you need to do that, otherwise you end up preaching down.

Tags: End, Kids, Write

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