All You Need To Know About Lighting Designers

All You Need To Know About Lighting Designers

Lighting designers specialize in the art of light, but the average homeowner doesn’t have the same understanding. A good way to expand your options is to research the latest trends in lighting design in Dubai. Mid-century modern and art deco styles are known for their sleek metals and homely ambiance, while industrial lighting takes inspiration from the minimalism movement. These styles can be considered more traditional, but they are still in vogue.

Professional credentials:

To help consumers find a certified lighting designer, the National Council for Quality Lighting Professionals (NCQLP) offers a list of credentialed professionals. Though not a prerequisite for employment, professional credentials increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to trust the services of a designer. Although the list of certified professionals isn’t comprehensive, it provides the necessary information. To find out more, visit the NCQLP website.

Education requirements:

To become a lighting designer, you must have a degree in an area related to lighting. You may want to consider studying in areas like interior design, architecture, theater, or even architecture and lighting. These fields offer great opportunities for graduates who want to work in the field. In addition to a degree, you can take online courses to learn about the different aspects of lighting design. If you are unsure where to begin your education, you may consider taking an apprenticeship.

Work environment:

To ensure space is optimally illuminated, you should consider various factors such as the worker’s age, intellectual capacity, and preference for task lighting. Lighting design principles focus on light’s qualitative and quantitative aspects, making a space pleasing to the eye and appropriate for work functions. The lighting of a workplace can improve employee productivity.


Depending on your needs, lighting design can be a costly endeavor. Lighting designers often follow two basic business models. Some resell lighting products made by other companies, and others charge by the hour. When you buy these products directly from them, you can sometimes receive discounts, and the designers will also package their services and charge less per project. However, you should ask about discounts and if they offer a combination.