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Chris Robinson's Quotes

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Born: 1966-12-20
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Chris Robinson

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The counterculture has nothing to do with Dolce & Gabbana having a 'Hippy Summer' or something. Street kids, and kids who want to live in any sort of counter-cultural experience other than what's being presented by the mainstream media or political climate, or 'normal' cultural climate, are never going to look like that.

Tags: Experience, Kids, Political

The way we're going about things and what we want to do, we feel it has to be a really pure essence of music. That's where you get the most out of it.

Tags: Essence, Music, Pure

There have been multitudes of times in my career where I could have taken an easier road or a more commercial path, and I've been just like, 'That's not gonna make me happy.'

Tags: Career, Happy, Path

There's the conventional wisdom, of which I have none, where you get a record deal, you get a publicist, you get a campaign, and you do the tour, but none of that adds up to things like nuance and subtlety and dynamic.

Tags: Deal, Tour, Wisdom

When I think about the real pioneers of the psychedelic movement in a musical sense, not just the culture, everything had a handmade sort of vibe to it. We're inventing our culture as we move along into this.

Tags: Culture, Real, Sense

It's funny, after a while, you get tired of having to fight someone because they don't like the way you look.

Tags: Fight, Funny, Tired

I didn't want to be told what to do. I don't want to water down my music to fit into their formats. I know what rock and roll is to me, but everything's turning into one big commercial.

Tags: Big, Music, Rock

Being a pop artist or making music like a jingle or something - I don't do that.

Tags: Artist, Making, Music

I like unkempt; I don't mind if I have holes in my jacket or whatever. I think people should look more the way they feel.

Tags: Holes, Mind, Whatever

I make decisions based on my work, not based on meetings with my business managers, who I don't like to meet.

Tags: Business, Decisions, Work

I never thought I'd be on the cover of the 'Atlanta Journal' unless I killed someone.

Tags: Someone, Thought, Unless

I'm interested in authentic experience and the essence of that creative place, and where those myths begin and where they become real on any level.

Tags: Become, Experience, Real

I'm not a big fan of Robert Plant's lyrics or his singing.

Tags: Big, Fan, Singing

I'm not interested in a persona.

Tags: Interested, Persona

In 2000, I fell in love. I had never felt anything like that before in my life. It kind of took me over.

Tags: Felt, Life, Love

Life is different than it was in the Nineties. I'm a dad, and there are other things I have to get done in an afternoon than just being an artist.

Tags: Dad, Done, Life

Musicians playing together, it's a conversation, and ideally I want our conversation to be really intriguing and interesting and beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Playing, Together

My music is how I feel, and that's changed from being twenty years old to being forty-three years old.

Tags: Changed, Music, Old

No matter what, I'm always interested in making music.

Tags: Making, Matter, Music

Now as a musician, if you have it within you, you can create your own reality. Believe me, it's a novelty.

Tags: Create, Reality, Within

Since the early Nineties it's been very fashionable to say, 'It's all about the music.'

Tags: Early, Music, Since

Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality.

Tags: Key, Singing

What I had to learn was, that I'm only responsible for my perception of things. The world's not out to get you. That's not the way it works.

Tags: Learn, Perception, Works
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With time and experience comes a different perception of what's going on around you.

Tags: Experience, Perception, Time

How many new rock stars have come around that have anything to say at all? Guys where you even want to know what they're thinking? Are they thinking? Where did it go astray?

Tags: Rock, Stars, Thinking

I'd like to think that, at the end of the day, you can look at the things that I made as a young person and the things I'll continue to make as I get older and they'll be consistently interesting and soulful things, and if you like them they'll be a part of your dimension, as well.

Tags: End, Older, Young

I'm the weirdo. There have been multitudes of times in my career where I could have taken an easier road or a more commercial path, and I've been just like, that's not gonna make me happy.

Tags: Career, Happy, Path

If you had told me at 45 years old that I would have to go on tour to get rest, I would've said, 'That's not how it works.' But nothing can be more gratifying. I'm a very hands-on dad.

Tags: Dad, Old, Said

Part of getting older is realizing that you can integrate all these different areas of your life, rather than the adolescent mindset, which for me lasted a long time, which says, 'It's all or nothing.'

Tags: Life, Rather, Time

Right now, I've never been more impressed by the new bands that we meet. I may be 10, 20 years older, but we're all on the same page about culture, music and life.

Tags: Life, May, Music