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Francoise Hardy's Profile

Brief about Francoise Hardy: By info that we know Francoise Hardy was born at 1944-01-17. And also Francoise Hardy is French Actress.

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I feel happy and secure when I'm on my bed with a good book... I forget everything which is terrible in our world.

Tags: Forget, Good, Happy

I never get bored. There isn't enough time in the day for me.

Tags: Bored, Enough, Time

In France, the image I had was of a shy girl - a poor lonely girl and not too good-looking. When I went to England, I had another image. I felt the journalists were much more interested in my looks than in my songs.

Tags: Girl, Lonely, Poor

When I write, it is always the melody that comes first, and it just happens to be the case that the most beautiful tunes are sad, and the lyrics follow the mood of the melody.

Tags: Beautiful, Sad, Write