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Amanda McBroom's Profile

Brief about Amanda McBroom: By info that we know Amanda McBroom was born at 1947-08-09. And also Amanda McBroom is American Musician.

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I just believe that our most redeeming feature as a species is our capacity for love.

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I'm kind of a pop balladeer because I love the art of storytelling. I call myself 'HBO for the ears'; I sing little movies.

Tags: Art, Love, Movies

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.

Tags: Afraid, Dance, Heart

I just started writing for my own amusement and occasionally singing in little clubs around Los Angeles. Then I wrote 'The Rose,' and through a series of divine things that I had no control over and had no idea were going to happen, it got in the movie, and that changed everything.

Tags: Control, Happen, Writing

I was in 'Jacques Brel' Off-Broadway for many years, so I've always been a singing actress, but the songwriting was a complete surprise. I had never written a song in my life. We were on the road with 'Jacques Brel' doing the national tour, and I picked up a guitar one day and I wrote a song.

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When I was first introduced to the music of Jacques Brel, I was totally floored. I had never heard anything as intelligent or sexy or angry as his music.

Tags: Angry, Music, Sexy

Any clod can have the facts; having opinions is an art.

Tags: Art, Facts, Opinions

McCabe's Law: Nobody has to do anything.

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