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Paul Cezanne's Quotes

Paul Cezanne profile photo

Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Artist
Nation: French
Biography of Paul Cezanne

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I am more a friend of art than a producer of painting.

Tags: Art, Friend, Painting

I am the primitive of the method I have invented.

Tags: Invented, Method, Primitive

I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing.

Tags: Knew, Though, Thousand

Keep good company - that is, go to the Louvre.

Tags: Company, Good, Keep

My age and health will never allow me to realize the dream of art I've been pursuing all my life.

Tags: Age, Health, Life

My nervous system is enfeebled, only work in oils can sustain me.

Tags: Nervous, System, Work

Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.

Tags: Brilliant, Less, Light

Two sittings a day of my models and I'm totally exhausted.

Tags: Exhausted, Models, Totally

You say a new era in art is preparing; you sensed it coming; continue your studies without weakening. God will do the rest.

Tags: Art, God, Rest

A puny body weakens the soul.

Tags: Body, Soul, Weakens

Doubtless there are things in nature which have not yet been seen. If an artist discovers them, he opens the way for his successors.

Tags: Artist, Nature, Seen

I am a pupil of Pissarro.

Tags: Pupil

I ask you to pray for me, for once age has overtaken us, we find consolation only in religion.

Tags: Age, Once, Religion

I have nothing to hide in art. The initial force alone can bring anyone to the end he must attain.

Tags: Alone, Art, End

I have sworn to die painting.

Tags: Die, Painting, Sworn

I lack the magnificent richness of color that animates nature.

Tags: Color, Lack, Nature

I paint as if I were Rothschild.

Tags: Paint

I want to die painting.

Tags: Die, Painting

I'll always be grateful to the public of intelligent amateurs.

Tags: Grateful, Public

Is art really the priesthood that demands the pure in heart who belong to it wholly?

Tags: Art, Heart, Pure
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Is it the factitious and the conventional that most surely succeed on earth and in the course of life?

Tags: Earth, Life, Succeed

It is impossible for emotion not to come on us in thinking of that time now flowed away.

Tags: Impossible, Thinking, Time

One does not substitute oneself for the past, one merely adds to it a new link.

Tags: Link, Oneself, Past

Optics, developing in us through study, teach us to see.

Tags: Developing, Study, Teach

People think how a sugar basin has no physiognomy, no soul. But it changes every day.

Tags: Changes, Soul, Sugar

Pure drawing is an abstraction. Drawing and colour are not distinct, everything in nature is coloured.

Tags: Drawing, Nature, Pure

The artist makes things concrete and gives them individuality.

Tags: Artist, Concrete, Makes

The clear French landscape is as pure as a verse of Racine.

Tags: Clear, Landscape, Pure

The painter must enclose himself within his work; he must respond not with words, but with paintings.

Tags: Himself, Words, Work

We must not be content to memorize the beautiful formulas of our illustrious predecessors. Let us go out and study beautiful nature.

Tags: Beautiful, Nature, Study

With a painter's temperament, all that's needed are the means of expression sufficient to be intelligible to the wide public.

Tags: Expression, Means, Public

Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience.

Tags: Daily, Experience, Intelligence

When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art.

Tags: Art, God, Judge

The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.

Tags: Awareness, Makes, Strength

For an Impressionist to paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations.

Tags: Nature, Realize, Subject

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

Tags: Art, Emotion, Work

Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations.

Tags: Nature, Object, Painting

Painting is damned difficult - you always think you've got it, but you haven't.

Tags: Difficult, Painting

If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling-block of the uncertain.

Tags: Isolation, Strong, Uncertain

We live in a rainbow of chaos.

Tags: Chaos, Rainbow

I allow no one to touch me.

Tags: Allow, Touch

There are two things in the painter, the eye and the mind; each of them should aid the other.

Tags: Eye, Mind, Painter

A thousand painters ought to be killed yearly. Say what you like: I'm every inch a painter.

Tags: Painter, Painters, Thousand

Art is a harmony parallel with nature.

Tags: Art, Harmony, Nature

The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself.

Tags: Art, Artist, Himself

I've come to the conclusion that it's not really possible to help others.

Tags: Help, Others, Possible

An art which isn't based on feeling isn't an art at all.

Tags: Art, Based, Feeling

Tell me, do you think I'm going mad? I sometimes wonder, you know.

Tags: Mad, Sometimes, Tell

The truth is in nature, and I shall prove it.

Tags: Nature, Shall, Truth

The world doesn't understand me and I don't understand the world, that's why I've withdrawn from it.

Tags: Understand, Why, Withdrawn

With an apple I will astonish Paris.

Tags: Apple, Astonish, Paris

I must be more sensible and realize that at my age, illusions are hardly permitted and they will always destroy me.

Tags: Age, Realize, Sensible

Don't be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation.

Tags: Art, Lies, Salvation

It's so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.

Tags: Fine, Stand, Terrible

The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.

Tags: Off, Revolution, Single

Here, on the river's verge, I could be busy for months without changing my place, simply leaning a little more to right or left.

Tags: Busy, Here, Place