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Brian Sibley's Quotes

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Born: 1949-07-14
Profession: Writer
Nation: English
Biography of Brian Sibley

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The older we get, the swifter time seems to pass and the quicker memories seem to fade.

Tags: Memories, Older, Time

Maybe it's just my own chronic morbidity and melancholia, but I really do think about it a great deal and quite often in the small hours of the night when, it is said, the greatest numbers of people die.

Tags: Great, Greatest, Night

The biggest challenge was trying to convey the story of the making of a film that isn't finished yet - and which won't be finished until the third film, The Return of the King, reaches our cinemas towards the end of 2003!

Tags: Challenge, End, Trying

Watching the completed version of The Two Towers for example, I was very conscious of scenes - sometimes whole sequences - that I had seen being filmed or edited but which hadn't made it into the final cut.

Tags: Seen, Sometimes, Whole

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Brian Sibley's quote #2
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Brian Sibley's quote #2
Brian Sibley's quote #2
Brian Sibley's quote #2