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Ralph Fiennes's Profile

Brief about Ralph Fiennes: By info that we know Ralph Fiennes was born at 1962-12-22. And also Ralph Fiennes is British Actor.

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I respond to a part just intuitively when I read a script.

Tags: Read, Respond, Script

I tried to play rugby but was never very good.

Tags: Good, Rugby, Tried

I veer away from trying to understand why I act. I just know I need to do it.

Tags: Trying, Understand, Why

I went out to Mount Kilimanjaro, which I thought was very beautiful, but there were a lot of people there.

Tags: Beautiful, Mount, Thought

I'm not very good at being domesticated. I've tried. The domestic life I find claustrophobic - the rituals and habits and patterns.

Tags: Good, Life, Tried

I've never felt fallow in the sense that there's been no work.

Tags: Felt, Sense, Work

If I had a gun to my head and I had to choose between theater and film I'd choose theater.

Tags: Between, Film, Gun

In the best material, you always should be able to somehow make a case for a story to be transposed to any other time.

Tags: Able, Best, Time

It was just two energies between two people, you can't prescribe that.

Tags: Between, Energies, Prescribe

Kenya doesn't have much of an infrastructure for hosting a film.

Tags: Film, Hosting, Kenya

Most films are rooted in a book or a comic strip, but I don't go out there saying I want to do adaptations.

Tags: Book, Films, Saying

The sets were fantastic. The Harry Potter sets are brilliant. You do get transported for a second.

Tags: Brilliant, Fantastic, Second

There's a lot of people who feel there's a tabloid journalist who had it coming.

Tags: Coming, Journalist, Tabloid

What moves me in art is how we question who we are as people.

Tags: Art, Moves, Question

When I first filmed things, they were always slightly awkward.

Tags: Awkward, Slightly

When theater becomes a soothing middle-class thing, when it's packaged as the Night Out, then that's the death of it.

Tags: Death, Night, Theater

You dread that there will be real problems during filming.

Tags: Dread, Problems, Real

You have to just dive over the edge. You haven't got time to mess about.

Tags: Edge, Mess, Time

You're meant to be playing the distillation of evil, which can be anything.

Tags: Evil, Meant, Playing

So much of movie acting is in the lighting. And in loving your characters. I try to know them, and with that intimacy comes love. And now, I love Voldemort.

Tags: Acting, Love, Try