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Herbie Mann's Profile

Brief about Herbie Mann: By info that we know Herbie Mann was born at 1930-04-16. And also Herbie Mann is American Musician.

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Being selfish to me means that you have to look out for yourself and you don't have to sacrifice.

Tags: Sacrifice, Selfish, Yourself

Being stubborn has helped, being selfish is not a bad thing.

Tags: Bad, Selfish, Stubborn

When you get cancer, it's like really time to look at what your life was and is, and I decided that everything I've done so far is not as important as what I'm going to do now.

Tags: Done, Life, Time

You don't have to live the blues to play the blues.

Tags: Blues

I always say, if you keep your head in the sand, you don't know where the kick's coming from.

Tags: Coming, Head, Keep

By the time I'm 90, I hope to have it together.

Tags: Hope, Time, Together

I loved the Brazilian music I played. But this is finally me. For the first time I think it's really me.

Tags: Loved, Music, Time

I was raised in Brooklyn, and I lived there for 59 years.

Tags: Brooklyn, Lived, Raised

If you want to play somebody's music, you'd better go into his house.

Tags: House, Music, Somebody

Music allows the great opportunity to play with people who turned you on and you love.

Tags: Great, Love, Music

My ego is controlled enough that I don't have to be the focus.

Tags: Ego, Enough, Focus

My father's father came from Russia; my mother came from Romania.

Tags: Father, Mother, Russia

One of the advantages of not having a record contract is that you can make your own mistakes, you don't need somebody else to organize them for you.

Tags: Else, Mistakes, Somebody

The music we're playing now is based on my heritage, which is Russian, Romanian and Hungarian.

Tags: Based, Music, Playing

To most jazz critics I was basically Kenny G.

Tags: Basically, Critics, Jazz

You have to be concerned with yourself because if you're not on it all the time, nobody else is going to be.

Tags: Else, Time, Yourself

But when I first got cancer, after the initial shock and the fear and paranoia and crying and all that goes with cancer - that word means to most people ultimate death - I decided to see what I could do to take that negative and use it in a positive way.

Tags: Death, Fear, Positive

For me Brazilian music is the perfect mix of melody and rhythm. It just bubbles rhythmically. If I had to pick just one music style to play if would be Brazilian.

Tags: Music, Perfect, Style

I had sat in one day in Central Park with Bonnie and Delaney, and Duane was playing with them, so I asked if he wanted to work on an album. You never had to say to him how to play the guitar.

Tags: Guitar, Him, Work

I recently formed a foundation to raise awareness for prostate cancer. I feel it's very necessary that men be more aware about prostate cancer and their health in general.

Tags: Cancer, Health, Men