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Etty Hillesum's Profile

Brief about Etty Hillesum: By info that we know Etty Hillesum was born at 1914-01-15. And also Etty Hillesum is Dutch Lawyer.

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Every day I shall put my papers in order and every day I shall say farewell. And the real farewell, when it comes, will only be a small outward confirmation of what has been accomplished within me from day to day.

Tags: Farewell, Real, Small

Ultimately, we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it towards others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will be in our troubled world.

Tags: Moral, Others, Peace

I think what weakens people most is fear of wasting their strength.

Tags: Fear, Strength, Wasting

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.

Tags: Between, Deep, Sometimes

Greed probably figures in my intellectual life as well, as I attempt to absorb a massive amount of information with consequent mental indigestion.

Tags: Greed, Life, Mental

I'm cautious about a lot of words.

Tags: Cautious, Words

It's very hard to know what wisdom is.

Tags: Hard, Wisdom

It's very important for men to look downward, to the next generation.

Tags: Generation, Men, Next

The word power has such a generally negative implication in our society. What are people talking about? Are they talking about muscles, or control?

Tags: Control, Power, Society

We carve out risk-free lives where nothing happens.

Tags: Carve, Happens, Lives

We have to give value to authority. We have to give value to office, being in office, holding office.

Tags: Give, Office, Value

We need to work on the world so it will not be so oppressive.

Tags: Oppressive, Work

The capacity for people to kid themselves is huge. Living on illusions or delusions, and the re-establishing of these illusions or delusions requires a big effort to keep them from being seen through. But a very old idea is at work behind our current state of affairs: enantiodromia, or the Greek notion of things turning into their opposite.

Tags: Living, Old, Work

I can't read all the books I want to read, I can't watch all the phenomena that interest me in the world. The work calls me, and sometimes I wonder whether this is an obsession and I should drop it, or it's a necessity I'm obliged to fulfill.

Tags: Read, Sometimes, Work

I see happiness as a by-product. I don't think you can pursue happiness. I think that phrase is one of the very few mistakes the Founding Fathers made.

Tags: Few, Happiness, Mistakes

Remember that in the early days of the feminist movement, they refused to have a leader; different women would just stand up and speak. The early feminists were very careful to not put what was spontaneously arising back in the old bottle.

Tags: Leader, Remember, Women

The circumstances, including my body and my parents, whom I may curse, are my soul's own choice and I do not understand this because I have forgotten.

Tags: May, Parents, Understand

The culture is going into a psychological depression. We are concerned about our place in the world, about being competitive: Will my children have as much as I have? Will I ever own my own home? How can I pay for a new car? Are immigrants taking away my white world?

Tags: Car, Children, Home

The elder who is eliminating what time has done to the face, what life has done to the face, is making a statement for others to see: This is the way to be a good old person - it is to defeat this body that is doing things to you. Because you haven't changed. Your body's changing.

Tags: Good, Life, Time

The older people that one admires seem to be fearless. They go right out into the world. It's astounding. Maybe they can't see or they can't hear, but they walk out into the street and take life as it comes. They're models of courage, in a strange way.

Tags: Courage, Life, Strange