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Ellie Goulding's Profile

Brief about Ellie Goulding: By info that we know Ellie Goulding was born at 1986-12-30. And also Ellie Goulding is English Musician.

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I'm a bit grungy - I love wearing boots. But I also love putting on a beautiful white dress and jewels. I have those two alter-egos.

Tags: Beautiful, Bit, Love

I'm a bit of a like girly-girl, really, I like flowery stuff.

Tags: Bit, Flowery, Stuff

I'm never happy with my face, my hair, I haven't really got any boobs and I'm not really that tall.

Tags: Face, Hair, Happy

I'm not afraid, as a writer, of being emotional. I'm obsessed with human emotion, body parts, physicality.

Tags: Afraid, Emotional, Human

I've always been fascinated by the human body, but you can become quite morbid and paranoid if you think too much.

Tags: Become, Body, Human

I've always said that Adele has turned so many people on to British singers - whether female singers or just like music from this country in general.

Tags: Country, Music, Said

It took time to really build myself a reputation as a good live performer, a musician and an artist.

Tags: Artist, Good, Time

It's so important to take vitamins. People always get ill on tour because of the close proximity in the bus with everyone.

Tags: Close, Everyone, Ill

Men are wary of me because they know, by listening to my music, that a relationship with me will be quite deep.

Tags: Deep, Men, Music

Mumford & Sons' music appeals to a lot of America. I'm really proud of them.

Tags: America, Music, Proud

My guiltiest pleasure is... chocolates with strawberry cream and trashy television - 'Geordie Shore,' 'Katie,' etc.

Tags: Pleasure, Shore, Television

My hairdresser in the U.K., Adam Reed, has his own line, Percy and Reed, and it's really good. And I use Moroccan Oil and Kerastase as well.

Tags: Good, Line, Oil

My voice has been very, very produced, and very treated - but then, also, it hasn't.

Tags: Hasn, Treated, Voice

Now, if some panic hits me, you have to sort of be friends with your body, it's like your body will work against you.

Tags: Against, Friends, Work

One of the most powerful feelings in the world is after a really, really long run.

Tags: After, Feelings, Powerful

The nature of how we are as human beings is that we're much more interested in being critical rather than praising something.

Tags: Human, Nature, Rather

The very first song I wrote was about a boy that I was obsessed with.

Tags: Boy, Obsessed, Song

What people don't understand is that how you are as an artist depends on how you are emotionally.

Tags: Artist, Depends, Understand

When I heard Bjork's debut, that was when I first realized that I could be a singer, even with my unusual voice.

Tags: Heard, Singer, Voice

You get to a certain age and you can't judge yourself on your dad or your parents.

Tags: Age, Dad, Yourself